Introducing Your Engineering Ambassadors!

Transitioning from high school to college evokes many feelings: excitement, anxiety, and even fear. As Engineering Ambassadors, we know how you feel and are here to help.

Engineering Ambassadors is a diverse, student service group representing all programs in LSU’s College of Engineering. Not only do we have the opportunity to lead student recruitment tours, promote the College to parents, alumni, and friends of the College, and network with distinguished alumni at special events–our work is vital in offering prospective students an inside look into life as an LSU Engineer and making the transition to college as smooth as possible.

Here’s some information about who we are!

Terrell Anderson

Classification: Freshman
Major: Industrial Engineering
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Fun Fact: I have a twin brother who is also studying to be an industrial engineer.

Stiel Aubrey


Classification: Senior
Major: Petroleum Engineering
Hometown: Broussard, LA
Fun Fact: I have been proficient in French since the age of three.

William “Dino” Behler Jr.


Classification: Freshman
Major: Petroleum Engineering
Hometown: Picayune, MS
Fun Fact: I am a state champion power-lifter.

Megan Brunet


Classification: Sophomore
Major: Construction Management
Hometown: Houma, LA
Fun Fact: I love to surf and also enjoy watching The Walking Dead.

Kristin Ellis


Classification: Sophomore
Major: Chemical Engineering
Hometown: Plaquemine, LA
Fun Fact: I am an avid {huge/big} fan of the NBA.

Giselle Medina


Classification: Sophomore
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Beaumont, TX
Fun Fact: I would like to be an astronaut and work for a private space company.


LSU Tiger Calls: Connecting with Prospective Students



Meghan Brunet is a Construction Management student at LSU who recently participated in LSU Tiger Calls. We’ll let her explain what it’s all about!

1. What made you interested in engineering?
Growing up I spent a lot of time with my dad fixing cars and building various things for the house. I learned early that I wanted to have a career where I could create and construct things and I felt like engineering would allow me to do just that.

2. Why did you choose LSU and its College of Engineering?
Originally I did not want to attend LSU, but my parents made me visit campus and the engineering interest presentation. That day I fell in love with LSU and the engineering program and I knew there was no better school for me to go to.

3. How did you hear about LSU Tiger Calls?
At a Construction Student Association meeting, Professor Schneider spoke to us about contacting high school students interested in attending LSU for engineering to get the word out about our awesome CM program and answer any questions they may have about it.

4. Can you briefly explain for us what Tiger Calls is?
The Tiger Calls I made were to graduating high school seniors who were accepted to LSU and looking to study construction management or another major in the College of Engineering. After congratulating them we talked about their interest in CM and the advantages of LSU’s CM program that sets it apart from other schools or majors. I answered any of their questions about LSU classes or campus and left them with contacts they might find useful, such as their advisors and the program coordinator in the College of Engineering. After hanging up, I wrote a postcard to them touching on the topics we talked about in our phone call.

5. Why did you want to volunteer for this?
I volunteered for Tiger Calls because I want to help welcome future students and let them know how great the College of Engineering is here at LSU. I wish I had an LSU student call during my senior year and reassure me of attending a big university. I also want to ignite any interest high school seniors have in construction management and let them know about the special connection LSU CM has to the industry. I love LSU CM and CSA. If I knew more about the program and the job outlook before coming to LSU, I would have chosen it first. I would like to help incoming engineering students by giving them the information they need to choose the best engineering major for them the first time, unlike most construction management students.

6. What kind of questions did you receive from prospective students when doing the Tiger Calls?
Prospective students asked questions like “How many math classes will I have to take?” and “Do I have to have an internship while in school?”

7. Do you believe that it’s important to connect current students with prospective students and, if so, why?
I think it is very important to connect with incoming students as well as current students. Most of us are under the same pressure with student loans, being away from home, and maintaining grades. As if that’s not enough, the thought of finding a job, like the job you’re studying so hard in school for, is kind of scary. But none of us are alone in this; we need our peers. As current students we can guide the incoming students through their transition. For those in our classes, we can study together and aid each other on homework assignments; together it is easier. In this way you form friendships where you encourage and want them to succeed as much as yourself and vice versa. As a team you can pass and the only common factor needed to promote this relationship is the ambition to succeed.

8. What other ways would you like to see the College of Engineering connect current and prospective students?
I’d like to see the College of Engineering connect current and prospective students through the use of student associations. Giving the prospective student ways to contact current students in their intended major may relieve some anxiety about coming to college and studying something as challenging as engineering.