Why We’re Considering LSU – From Two Atlanta High School Students

Since “The Engineered Tiger” is meant for prospective students, we decided that for our first blog post we wanted to see what out-of-state high school students considering LSU’s College of Engineering think about the college! Edward and Thomas Mauger from Atlanta, Georgia have graciously answered our questions and we’ve shared them with you below.

Edward and Thomas are identical twins who, in addition to being interested in engineering, play the tuba and would like to join a college marching band. They are also considering the University of Georgia, the University of Florida, Auburn University, Ohio State University, and Georgia Tech for their college education. We hope, of course, that they choose LSU!

Thomas and Edward building a home in Honduras

Thomas and Edward helping to build a home for a family in Honduras over the summer.


Here in their own words…

1.) What was your first impression of both LSU and specifically the College of Engineering?

Edward: I met the Dean of the College of Engineering, Richard Koubek, as well as the Recruiting Coordinator, Terrica Jamison, at the College of Engineering reception in Atlanta. I felt comfortable talking to both of them. They were both very friendly, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and had pride in what they were doing. When I had my tour, I noticed the same from everyone I encountered. Even the workers at the restaurants at the Student Union were upbeat and proud of their food, and my roast beef po-boy was really quite good. The campus was one of the best I have visited. Also, the engineering building that is due to be renovated is already a great building. I was impressed to not only see 3D-printers, but 3D-scanners in the communications lab.

Thomas: I have been impressed with LSU since the beginning. LSU’s recruitment has been the best out of any of the universities that I have looked into. I was impressed with the Patrick F. Taylor Hall in its current state and am interested to see how it will be improved in the coming renovation.

2.) What makes the LSU College of Engineering different from other engineering programs?

Edward: LSU’s College of Engineering stands out because of the success of its large funding drive to expand as well as its dedication to students versus other schools that focus so much on research.  LSU’s College of Engineering is also different from other programs because of its focus on teaching communication skills. That makes sense since many employers complain that engineers lack the ability to communicate very well.

Thomas: Dean Koubek made it clear at the engineering information session that the LSU College of Engineering is primarily focused on the education and success of its students. One thing that sets LSU’s College of Engineering apart from other engineering programs is the starting salaries of its graduates. They are higher than at any of the other universities I am looking at.  Other schools have emphasized their research and not even mentioned the salaries of their graduates. Another difference is the repeated references to the college’s involvement in meeting the needs and opportunities of the state of Louisiana. The other colleges haven’t mentioned their involvement in their states at all. I like this service orientation that the engineering college has as its mission for research and training.

3.) During the recruitment process, what made LSU stand out?

Edward: LSU stood out to me because of the exciting expansion taking place in the engineering college, as well as the fact that average LSU engineering salaries even beat out Georgia Tech. The new Marching Band Hall was incredible, and having Roy King take his time to personally show it to my brother and I was a special experience.  At other schools we visited we were unable to even talk to anyone from the marching band, and the facilities we saw were nothing special.

Thomas: It was very impressive that Dean Koubek came out to speak at the engineering information night in Atlanta. The event was very small and personal, and it was great to be able to hear from and speak to him during the event.

4.) During the recruitment process, was there anything that you didn’t like or that could have been improved?

Edward: My biggest issue was how cold it was when we visited during the “Polar Vortex,” which obviously LSU has no control over. I found that the design of the curtains on the golf cart we were transported in could be improved as they did little to keep the wind out. Lauren, our super tour guide, assured us it was usually hot and muggy in Baton Rouge and we would feel right at home coming from Atlanta. I would have also liked to have been able to see more labs in the engineering building than I did.

Thomas: We should have set up an appointment to talk to a financial aid officer, and I wish we could have seen more of the engineering labs.

5.) What made you interested in the field of engineering?

Edward: I have always, since I was a little kid, liked to take things apart and figure out how they worked. I also would put them back together (mostly). In elementary school I spent many hours adjusting and tightening screws and fittings on my sister’s wheel chair.

Thomas: LEGOS

6.) What do you hope to gain from your college education and experience?

Edward: I want to be the best engineer I can be. I also want to be the best tuba player I can be.  LSU can help me to do both at the same time.

Thomas: It is important for me to be at the top of any group that I am in.  I can see that LSU’s College of Engineering will prepare me to be an outstanding engineer. I also want to be a balanced person, which for me means that I continue my development as a tuba player and have continued exposure to students from other disciplines. LSU has it all – an exciting engineering program, a great marching band, and a top honors college. Of all of the schools I have applied to, LSU is the best overall across these three.