Introducing Our New Blog! So, What’s It About?

Here at the LSU College of Engineering, we know that we have awesome students with great stories to tell. Students who embody the LSU Engineer. So we thought, wouldn’t it be great if we could share the thoughts and experiences of our current students with prospective students (and the world!)?

This blog gives prospective students an inside-look at what it’s like to be an LSU Engineer. From life on campus to senior design projects. From jobs and internships to student organizations. They will hear it all!

As we begin this journey, we need your feedback and support. Share your thoughts about our new blog in the comments below! What topics would you like to see discussed? As a prospective student, what would be interesting and helpful to you? As a current student, what stories would you share with prospective students?

If you’re a current student at LSU’s College of Engineering and are interested in contributing to this blog, send us an email through the Connect page.