Top 5 Tips from Recruiters at LSU’s Career Expo

College of Engineering Communications Assistant M.B. Humphrey set out to the Career Expo last week with one goal: To find out what the employers want to see when meeting students. Here’s a bit of what the recruiters suggested:

1. Be excited!
Cramming an interview into an already packed day, complete with hikes across campus and even a quiz or two, is exhausting. Employers understand that, which is exactly why a bit of enthusiasm when you meet them goes a long way. That illustration of tenacity is just what a company seeks in an employee.

2. Put in some effort.
Companies want to employ people they know are going to get the job done. Show the effort of your professionalism by wearing business casual office attire and having your resume printed and properly formatted for your field. According to Alyse Aldridge, an LSU alumnus who currently works at Exxon Mobil, seeing students that are, “excited and put effort into displaying what they have to offer,” stand out.


3. Do your homework.
Knowing what the company does is as simple as a quick Internet search. Take some time to know the company’s values, missions, goals and other philanthropic activities to make a positive impact on a company recruiter. According to Sam Migliore, director of product management at Bentley Systems, Inc., LSU students have been “some of the best prepared” because of their knowledge and the ability to communicate that information effectively.

4. Be prepared to show the company what you have to offer.
This is the perfect time to toot your own horn, and you’ll often have to do it quickly. In a career expo setting, you aren’t afforded the same courtesies you are in a pre-scheduled interview. Be cordial, but also be aware that your time is limited in what you can demonstrate about yourself and your skills.


5. Know exactly what you want to do.
Shannon McGarry, director of recruiting at Omnitracs, LLC, explained that this is the most important step in a recruiter being able to properly place you within their company. She said that while a recruiter can help you figure it out, “a student knowing exactly what they want to do looks great and frees up time to talk more about the specific position.” By doing a bit of research ahead of time, you can determine what role you would best fill in the company and actively pursue that position upon meeting a recruiter.

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